Webinar: Study and career options in Life and Health Sciences (Biosciences)

Webinar link
http://bit.ly/2SSgTOG (Please use this link to login the webinar on 27 Feb at 6:30 p.m.)
27 February 2020 - 18:30
27 February 2020 - 19:30
27 February 2020 - 18:30 to 19:30

Students who would like to pursue their professional studies in Life and Health Science in the future are encouraged to join the British Council’s upcoming event – Webinar: Study and Career Options in Life and Health Sciences on Wednesday 26 – Friday 28 February.

Academics from up to 8 UK universities will be participating in the event to talk about the study and career options in three main subject areas below:

  • Allied health professions (26 Feb)
  • Biosciences (27 Feb)
  • Medicine and allied subjects (28 Feb)

They will provide a broader knowledge in Life and Health Sciences related fields and what future career opportunities lie ahead after completing your study in UK.


Careers in Biosciences: A More In-Depth Look

Biosciences and related subjects (e.g.Biomedical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Biochemistry and Human Biology, Molecular Biology) that underpin healthcare both in urban communities such as Hong Kong and vulnerable populations worldwide. The discussion will explore the importance of these disciplines on solving global challenges and the career prospects for graduates.

Speakers' profile

Dr. Alex Jeffries
Senior Teaching Fellow and Director of Studies Biomedical Sciences
Department of Biology & Biochemistry
University of Bath

Dr Alex Jeffries is Senior Teaching Fellow and Director of Studies Biomedical Sciences, University of Bath. His academic interests include bacterial molecular evolution and evolution public engagement. [More]

Dr. Steve Minchin
Senior Lecturer, School of Biosciences
College of Life and Environmental Sciences

University of Birmingham

Dr Minchin has an interest in transcriptional control at both the molecular and genomic level. He has a strong interest in research-led teaching, innovation and quality management. He has co-authored a “Gene Cloning” textbook aimed at Undergraduate bioscience students. He teaches molecular genetics in all three years of the Biosciences degree programmes at the University of Birmingham and within the foundation pathways.  [More]

Dr. Donald Ridley
Associate Dean, Strategy and Development
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
Oxford Brookes University

Donald is a BPS Chartered Psychologist, an HCPC Registered Practitioner Occupational Psychologist and a Biochemist who specialises in organisational development, transport safety and delivery of work force needs of the NHS. [More]